NOMAD Bios­cience develops new tech­no­lo­gies for plant-based produc­tion of recom­binant proteins and plant trait engin­eering. Our NOMADIC™ plat­form is designed for high yield inex­pensive produc­tion of recom­binant proteins in plants and for tran­sient delivery of agro­nomic traits. We also use magnICON® manu­fac­turing tech­no­lo­gies developed at our former subsi­diary ICON Genetics.
NOMADIC™ and magnICON® v.1, 2 are propri­etary tech­no­lo­gies based on a tran­sient process instead of trans­genic plants. They provide for high speed of product devel­op­ment and manu­fac­turing, as well as lowest capital and running costs typic­ally asso­ci­ated with agri­cul­tural commodity products. The tech­no­lo­gies are compat­ible with existing plant agro­nomy, they have no fixed throughput compon­ents which allows for late product choice decision. The tech­no­lo­gies were tested with several hundred proteins including diffi­cult to express molecules. Protein yields achieved with our plat­form reach theor­et­ical expres­sion limits. Use of green biomass instead of seed provide for better acre util­iz­a­tion.
magnICON® v.3 is based on ethanol induc­tion of viral repl­icons.