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Plant-based recombinant protein production.

NOMAD has developed new technologies for plant-based production of recombinant proteins and plant trait engineering. Our NOMADIC™ platform is designed for high yield inexpensive production of recombinant proteins in plants. We also use magnICON® manufacturing technologies developed at our former subsidiary ICON Genetics.
NOMADIC™ and magnICON® technologies have been brought to GMP compliance, are compatible with existing plant agronomy, and they have been tested extensively in USA, Germany and Spain, both in greenhouses and in open fields. Protein yields achieved with our platform reach theoretical expression limits. Green biomass used instead of seed provide for better acre utilization.

Antibacterial discovery and screening platforms.

Platforms utilized by NOMAD in development of antibacterial biologics include mining natural diversity, engineering bacteriocin chimaeras, bacteriocin fusions, chemical bacteriocin pegylation and other.