Company profile

NOMAD Bios­cience GmbH is an R&D plant biotech­no­logy company which develops green plant-based tran­sient expres­sion plat­forms and product candid­ates for multiple markets. The company has been founded in 2008. Corporate offices are headquartered in Munich, Germany and the Company’s Research and Devel­op­ment divi­sion is located in Halle (Saale), Germany. NOMAD Bios­cience GmbH has two wholly-owned subsi­diary companies: Nambawan Biotech GmbH (Halle (Saale), Germany) and UAB Nomads (Vilnius, Lithuania).

NOMAD has exper­i­enced scientific and manage­ment team with proven track record. NOMAD has strong Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty posi­tion and freedom to operate for produc­tion processes. NOMAD develops corporate alli­ances with part­ners with signi­ficant pres­ence in target markets to expedite devel­op­ment for addi­tional market/product oppor­tun­ities. NOMAD’s focus is on Food Safety, Indus­trial, Health­care and Agro­nomic Traits markets.

Our Team

Founder: Prof. Dr. Jurijus (Yuri) Gleba
Owners: Prof. Dr. Jurijus (Yuri) Gleba, Dr. Chris­tian Oster­maier, Mr. Ken Moonie
Exec­ut­ives: Prof. Dr. Jurijus (Yuri) Gleba, CEO; Dr. Anatoliy Gyrych (Anatoli Giritch), CSO
Currently NOMAD has about 20 employees including 12 PhDs. In addi­tion, 13 researchers
work in wholly owned subsi­di­aries Nambawan Biotech, Halle (Saale), Germany and
UAB Nomads, Vilnius, Lithuania

Proven Track Record

  • NOMAD has strong research team, 19 years of exper­i­ence in corporate R&D and innov­a­tion: over 450 issued patents, multiple public­a­tions in the best peer-reviewed journals, our tech­no­logy is plant biotech’s golden standard.
  • Know­ledge of indus­trial envir­on­ment: built, certi­fied and ran its GMP-compliant manu­fac­turing facility (now ICON).
  • Successful clin­ical trials in USA completed in 2013; good rapport with USDA, FDA; several GRAS approvals.
  •  Stra­tegic part­ner­ships with Denka, Monsanto; history of multiple successful deals with customers.
  • Successful exit for investors and founders in 2006; successful re-acquis­i­tion of ICON from Bayer in 2012; successful sale of ICON to Denka.
  •  Raised over $255 M in invest­ment to date (contracts and grants, mostly non-dilutive, sale of ICON); NOMAD is prof­it­able since its incep­tion.
  •  Yuri Gleba is leading plant biotech­no­lo­gist; member of six national and inter­na­tional academies of science, 40 years exper­i­ence of successful R&D manage­ment in academia, large and small enter­prises.
  • Ken Moonie has brokered signi­ficant frac­tion of deals in plant biotech industry.
  • Anatoliy Gyrych has 9 years exper­i­ence in research manage­ment.

NOMAD-ICON Relationship

  • Inter­com­pany License Agree­ment between NOMAD Bios­cience and ICON Genetics was signed August 05, 2015.
  • ICON is fully owned by Denka Co Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) since August 2017.
  • Cross-license agree­ment is a broad docu­ment with the rights to subli­cense and to use each other’s past IP in their respective busi­ness areas.
  • ICON Exclusive Busi­ness Areas
    – Vaccines
    – Diagnostics
  • NOMAD Exclusive Busi­ness Areas
    – Food safety, func­tional & medi­cinal foods
    – Biophar­ma­ceut­icals
    – Bioma­ter­ials
    – Agro­nomic traits