NOMAD Bioscience GmbH is an R&D biotechnology company which develops innovative product candidates for multiple healthcare markets with unmet needs. The company has been founded in 2008. Corporate offices are headquartered in Munich, Germany and the Company’s Research and Development division is located in Halle (Saale), Germany. NOMAD Bioscience GmbH has a wholly-owned subsidiary company NOMADS UAB (Vilnius, Lithuania).

NOMAD has experienced scientific and management team with proven track record.
NOMAD has strong Intellectual Property position and freedom to operate and exclusivity for production processes.
NOMAD develops corporate alliances with partners with significant presence in target
markets to expedite development for additional market/product opportunities.
NOMAD main focus is development of antibacterial precision biologics for control of diseases caused by multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria.


Founder: Prof. Dr. Jurijus (Yuri) Gleba
Owners: a privately owned company
Executives: Prof. Dr. Jurijus (Yuri) Gleba, CEO; Dr. Anatoliy Gyrych (Anatoli Giritch), CSO
Currently NOMAD has about 20 employees including 12 PhDs. In addition, 13 researchers
work in wholly owned subsidiaries Nambawan Biotech, Halle (Saale), Germany and
UAB Nomads, Vilnius, Lithuania
Board: Ken Moonie (Board Chairman), Dr. Hendrik Liebers, Dr. Christian Ostermaier, Dr. Oscar Izeboud


  • Strong research team, 22 years of experience in corporate R&D and innovation: over 500 issued patents, multiple publications in best peer-reviewed journals; our process technologies are biotech’s golden standards.
  • Knowledge of innovation and product development for multiple markets; broad pipeline of product candidates at NOMAD, ICON and NAMBAWAN.
  • Knowledge of industrial environment: built, certified and run its GMP-compliant manufacturing facility.
  • Successful clinical trials; good rapport with FDA, USDA.
  • Eight successful GRAS registrations for our food substances and food processing aids in USA in 2015-2021.
  • History of multiple successful deals with customers (Bayer, Monsanto, Denka, etc.).
  • Successful exit for investors and founders in 2006; successful re-acquisition of ICON from Bayer in 2012; successful sale of ICON to Denka.
  • Raised over $260 M to date (contracts and grants, mostly non-dilutive, sale of ICON).
  • Yuri Gleba is a leading geneticist and biotechnologist; member of six national and international academies of science, 40 years experience of successful R&D management in large and small enterprises, academia.
  • Ken Moonie has brokered significant fraction of deals in plant biotech industry.


  • Inter Company License Agreement between NOMAD Bioscience and ICON Genetics was signed in August, 2015.
  • ICON is owned by Denka Co Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) since August 2015.
  • Cross-license agreement is a broad document with the rights to sublicense and to use each other’s past IP in their respective business areas.
  • NOMAD Exclusive Business Areas:
    – Biopharmaceuticals;
    – Food;
    – Veterinary;
    – Biomaterials;
    – Agronomic traits
  • ICON Exclusive Business Areas:
    – Vaccines;
    – Diagnostics