Legal Information Nomad Bioscience GmbH

(1) Respons­ible service provider pursuant sec. 5 German Teleser­vices Act (Telemedi­enge­setz)
Nomad Bios­cience GmbH
Türkenstr. 16
80333 München

(2) Contact address
Wein­bergweg 22
06120 Halle / Saale
Tele­phone: +49 345 1314 2600

(3) Managing director
Prof. Dr. Yuri Y. Gleba
(4) Regis­tra­tion Court
Munich Local Court

(5) Regis­tra­tion Number
HRB 173047

(6) VAT ID number
DE 259392211

(7) Reser­va­tion of Rights
All the contents of our website – in partic­ular texts, photo­graphs and graphics – are protected by copy­right. We expressly reserve our right to all the contents of this website. You may retrieve, down­load, store and print these contents for your private use only. Those viol­ating the copy­right (e.g. copy the contents without author­iz­a­tion to their own website) will be held liable to prosec­u­tion pursuant to sec. 106 et seq. German Copy­right Act (Urheberge­setz). Moreover, they will be admon­ished with costs and have to pay damages. Copies of contents can be detected on the internet with little effort.
We do not guar­antee the provided inform­a­tion to be up to date, complete and correct.
Munich, April 2017